A Baby Dedication is a special time for parents* to have their child dedicated to God and prayed for by the Pastor.  It is also a time for the parents to make a public commitment to raise their children according to the Word of God. Baby dedications are performed periodically throughout the year as requested. To request a time for your child to be dedicated, please download the application below.

The ceremony is for children 0 to 5 years old. If you have an older child(ren) that you would like to have dedicated, we can include the older child(ren) in the same ceremony. We believe that when you dedicate your children, you are declaring that you will raise them in a Christ-centered home and that all other children in your home will be raised in that manner. So when we dedicate your child(ren), we are also dedicating the parents and family. If you would like a certificate for older children, please include their information on the application.

When completed please return the application to the office during office hours, the Resource Center on Sunday, or email it to When the application is received, you will be contacted with some optional dates for the baby dedication. We will send you the service flow that gives you the order of events and what to expect during the dedication ceremony.

*Note: Baby Dedications are for active Victory Church Members only. An active member is someone who serves faithfully on a HELP Team and honors God with the giving of their tithe at VC.