Update 5-23-20 from Pastor Jeff

Dear Victory Church Family,

I trust you are well. I continue to cover you in prayer for divine health and grace during these interesting times.

I want to give you an quick update on the idea of re-opeing Victory for in-person public meetings.  Yesterday, President Trump issued a declaration stating his desire to see all churches re-open across the country. Even though this is good news, we have to remember that "freedom to gather" does not equate to the “decision or wisdom to gather”.  At the end of the day, we look to our Father for His guidance in when to re-open services.

Speaking to other pastors, some churches have already reopened while others will remain closed through the summer. Every church must make their decision based on “their" world: size of congregation, size of sanctuary, size of staff, readiness to reopen, etc.  

As for Victory, what I can say is that those decisions and plans are being discussed with staff, overseers and leaders of the church.  I have a meeting with Department Heads and Overseers after service tomorrow, Sunday May 24th, to discuss this critical question.  

For now, we will have our live-stream this Sunday, May 24th, and will give an updated announcement next week..  

As this unfolds, we will work diligently to prepare and seek God for Him to show us His plan for us specifically.  

As announced on Thursday during prayer, we are on a 10 Day Journey of Prayer to Pentecost for God to do in us what he did in the disciples that prepared them for the outpouring of the Holy Spirt.  In addition to praying in the upper room, they made a big decision - who would replace Judas?  In like manner, we are praying and seeking God for wisdom on the decision to re-open.  We know God will show us.

We miss seeing everyone and we are looking forward to a very sweet reunion….soon and very soon!

Stay tuned for critical updates early next week. 

Don’t miss the livestream of Sunday’s service at 11:15.  We will be honoring Soldiers, Servants and our Savior.  NOTE: We will be having communion, so gather your elements and prepare your hearts.


Pastor Jeff Hidden

March 27th Update


Dear Friends,


We continue our journey into unchartered waters as a church and society. I know this, God has already gone before us and is revealing His wisdom on how to get through.


We miss seeing our VC family on Sundays and Thursday nights, but we continue to cover you in prayer. The Lord is your Shephard and He will lead you through any and all circumstances.


Two weeks ago, we announced suspension of all in-person mtgs till March 28th. We are extending that until further notice. In the meantime, we will continue streaming live on Facebook at 11:15am on Sunday Mornings for church service and Thursday nights at 7:00pm for our hour of prayer.


I have been very encouraged with the participation and engagement for both of these online meetings. We ask you to continue tuning in and making comments to help others stay engaged during the service. 


Let's spread the word and invite our friends to join the meetings. God can do a miracle in their lives!


Couple things we are doing to help people:


1.  Emergency Food Drive - The big warehouse door at the back of the church will be open next Thursday from 5:00pm-8:00pm for everyone to drop off a bag or two of nonperishable groceries, including toilet paper and hand sanitizer. These items will be first distributed to those in our VC family that are in need. Extras will be used to support local food pantries. 

2.  Special Coronavirus FaceBook page for specific prayer requests. Please click here to go to our FB page and join. Let's stick together and circle those in need with the power of prayer and faith.


Your continued giving is needed and appreciated!


For your convenience, we have added a new way to connect to our giving page. Simply text GIVE to 770-285-5055. You will receive a link where you can bring your tithes and offerings online.


Ways to give:


1. Text GIVE to 770-285-5055

2. Church APP

3. Church website

4. Mail in check to 4625 Hwy 92 Acworth, GA 30102

5. Online banking 


YES, we are in a storm, and YES, with God, we will get through!


Let's rise and shine as a new breed of believer and be that person God uses to HELP people around us.




Pastor Jeff Hidden



Visit our Facebook Page Sundays 11:15am for our livestream service.