A recent survey in the U.S. said that the #1 emotional problem in America is loneliness.

With Victory Church's Connect Group ministry -- no one stands alone!  It would be so easy to slip in and out of church on Sunday morning and not get noticed, but that's not our goal, we want you to take the step and begin doing life with others.


Connect groups are the most effective way to accomplish our vision to see people Saved, Healed, Equipped, Loved and Propelled to fulfill their God-given purpose. In short, a Connect Group is a place to belong! Connect Groups are currently taking a break.


In light of the break we are offering a creative way to connect with others through our 'Dinner for 8' events. See all information below to be part of a 'Dinner for 8'!




Dinner for 8 Questions and Answers:

What is a Dinner for 8?

Dinner for 8 is a great way to meet new people, and familiar people from church that you may not really know. The dinners provide an opportunity to spend time eating and sharing together. These meals are shared at a host home or a local restaurant. The emphasis is on fellowship and fun and not so much a gourmet meal.

Is Dinner for 8 a Bible study?

Great question! No, this is just a time for fellowship. Be yourself, and if the conversation takes you back to Sunday's sermon, fantastic, but there are no preconceived expectations for this to be the case.

How does a Dinner for 8 Group work?

Simply fill out the online registration form for you and your spouse (if applicable).

After a couple weeks of sign-ups, Hosts and groups will be formed.

Once groups are formed, the Host will contact members to arrange the details for the dinner.

How are the Dinner for 8 Groups formed?

As Dinner for 8 groups are formed, our goal will be to put people together so that each group has 8 adults. Groups may be comprised of just couples or couples and singles. It all depends on who signs up. Our intention is to mix EVERYONE together. That way you will have more fun and individuals from all ages and walks of life will get to know one another. 

What about families with Children?

The decision to include kids is determined by you and your group. If you’d like your children to be part of the dinner, simply mark family on the sign-up form and let us know how many children you have. You will be placed in a group where it is a family gathering rather than adults only.

Note: the church will not be providing any form of child care for this ministry.

So what's this about being a Host? It sounds scary! How are they selected and what do they do?

Being a Host is fun and easy and is the point person for the group.

They host the dinner and plan the details of the dinner. They will email the group with the details and what to bring for the dinner.

You can sign up to be a Host on the form (you must be an active member of Victory to Host). We ask that the Host contact group members to set up the location, time, and food plan for the gathering. All contact information will be provided to the Host a couple days after the final Sign-Up Sunday.

If the Host has questions, they can most definitely contact the office administrator, but we ask that the Host serve as the point of contact for their individual group.

All that sounds pretty good, so far, but who cooks the meals?

Our desire is for you to spend time eating together, getting to know each other, and to include everyone. 

We want everyone to feel that they can participate, and that is why on our sign-up forms we will have you choose whether or not you'd prefer to be part of a group that eats at someone's home or goes out to a restaurant! 

For groups that decide they'd rather eat at someone's house, potluck dinners are the best way to simplify meal planning and distribute the costs among everyone in the group. 

Dinner groups are encouraged to be creative with the meals they enjoy together. You may even pick a dinner "theme night" (i.e. Italian night, dessert night, soup night, etc.), and everyone can bring a dish that goes along with that theme. 

Sounds like fun! How and when do I sign up?

Your best question yet! The Dinner for 8 is Friday October 5th!

You can sign up at any time.

You can either sign up online, any day of the week, or in person on Sunday by writing it in on your connect card at the Resource Center.

When is the sign-up deadline?

Monday, October 1st.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

If you have questions about Dinner for 8 in general, please contact the office at 770-794-7366

If you have questions that pertain to your specific group and group plans, please contact your Host directly.